Last information update - Wednesday , May 03, 2023

A newly added remote domain search form
March 29, 2011

The development team has completed work on a new remote domain search form, which can be accessed in the Remote Forms section of the Reseller Control Panel.

The Hepsia Control Panel includes a Website Installer tool
March 2, 2011

We have responded to requests from users who asked for an easier way to build a website, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

The Hepsia Control Panel beta version is now available!
October 8, 2010

We have been announcing the development of a new Control Panel for months, showcasing videos and screenshots.

Australia Has a New Data Center!
October 12, 2010

We are excited to announce the completion of negotiations and server setup procedures with a new data center facility located in Sydney, Australia, which is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Web hosting plans with unlimited resources and features
September 14, 2010

For a long time, users in the Free Reseller Hosting Program have questioned why we didn't offer plans with unlimited resources and features.

Template videos can now be embedded
September 2, 2010

Since the release of the updated videos for reseller templates, there has been a constant request from users to be able to use these videos on their custom websites.

New Affiliate Banners for Resellers
August 18, 2010

We have recently updated the banners for our reseller affiliate program, creating over 20,000 new designs.

Turn-key template videos are now available
July 21, 2010

We are excited to announce that videos are now available on our turn-key templates, which are offered under the Free Reseller Program.

The Free Reseller Program allows you to offer solo domain name registrations
May 19, 2010

The Free Reseller Program now allows resellers to sell individual domain name registrations, even if they don't have a hosting plan.

Free templates are now available in the Web Hosting Control Panel
March 10, 2010

The Elefante Installer is a convenient utility for web hosting customers looking to easily install scripts on their websites. With the latest update to the tool, customers now have the option to select a custom website template as well.

You can sell VPS, Dedicated Servers and Semi-Dedicated Servers from your reseller store
January 19, 2010

The Free Reseller Program now allows all hosting resellers to sell Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Semi-Dedicated Servers on their individual online stores, which is one of our most eagerly awaited improvements.

ResellersPanel has a new look
December 16, 2009 has a new appearance as of today.

ResellersPanel Automates Script Installation
October 16, 2009

A new toolbar will help users install popular PHP packages with a few mouse clicks.

The Payment System has been modified and a Recurring Billing Cycle has been added
March 27, 2009

We'd like to let you know that our in-house built payment system has been updated to include a recurring annual billing cycle method.

A brand-new Data Center in Europe is now available
March 19, 2009

In order to better meet the expanding web hosting needs of our customers from all over Europe, we made the decision to open our doors to another famous European Data Center - the UK Data Center, which is located in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

LiquidNet Reveals a Free Website Template Download Project
January 29, 2009 offers a bouquet of ready-to-use web design skins for the Joomla, WordPress, Moodle and 4images scripts, which will assist webmasters to create personal blogs, e-learning portals or photo galleries, or to revitalize their existing ones.

ResellersPanel Launches a Free PHP Script Installation Website
December 4, 2008 will help inexperienced webmasters build a personal blog, a community forum or a photo gallery quickly and easily, but will also assist web hosting resellers in presenting their online offers more successfully.

ResellersPanel Premieres a New File Manager for Its 5th Anniversary
July 14, 2008

The company has integrated an advanced file manager in its hosting control panel and has enabled its resellers to create several online stores and offer web hosting services in different currencies on them.

ResellersPanel Goes Dedicated and Expands its Presence in Europe
November 7, 2007

The company has launched a new line of dedicated, semi-dedicated and virtual private servers and has moved to a UK data center.

LiquidNet Ltd and Netcom Consulting Inc Join Forces for a Mobile SMS Marketing Venture
August 2, 2007

Web host LiquidNet Ltd. has teamed up with Netcom Consulting, Inc. to offer its webmasters the opportunity to enter the mobile text message marketing field via the recently launched service.

ResellersPanel Launches Version 2.0 of Its Control Panel and a New Web Hosting Plan
February 25, 2007

ResellersPanel has launched a new version of its reseller hosting control panel, which includes a technical support ticketing system, and a new web hosting plan, which provides the opportunity of hosting unlimited domains, sub-domains, e-mails and databases.

ResellersPanel Debuts API and Launches a Hosting Plan Creator
November 16, 2006

ResellersPanel has incorporated API (Application Programming Interface) software into its hosting platform, and has launched Liquid Plan Builder -- a web hosting tool, which allows the resellers to create their own hosting plans. Launches Private DNS Cluster Packages
June 14, 2006 has launched two Private DNS Cluster packages – Private DNS 1 and Private DNS 2, as a part of its Free Reseller Hosting Program.

Lonex Upgrades Its Web Hosting Plans
April 18, 2006

Lonex has substantially increased the disk space and traffic quotas of its web hosting plans. Launches Version 1.0 RC1 of its Control Panel
March 17, 2006 has launched a release candidate version of its hosting Control Panel, which now features a fresh new look of the main menus, a News section, an updated Account Usage table, MySQL Stats, Load Stats and Elefante Tools. Launches a cPanel Reseller Hosting Program
December 4, 2005 has launched a cPanel reseller hosting program, which offers four plans, perfect for those who wish to sell hosting to their own customers. Launches an Automated PHP Script Installer
December 4, 2005

An automated PHP script installer called Elefante Installer has been made available in’s web hosting control panel. Adds Multi-Language Options to its Web Hosting Control Panel
June 27, 2005, a reseller hosting provider, which allows everyone to resell web hosting and domain names without any investments, announces the availability of a new multi-language option in beta mode in its web hosting control panel. Beside in English, German and Spanish, the resellers and their customers can now choose to manage their hosting accounts in French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian.