Last information update - Wednesday , November 08, 2023

You can now monitor the performance of your PHP website using the PHP Website Profiler within the Hepsia Control Panel
October 19, 2023

When a website experiences slow loading, various factors can contribute to it, including the internet connection speed, the hosting server's performance, and the website's underlying code.

We now offer support for Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment methods
October 13, 2023

We've introduced support for Google Pay and Apple Pay on the payment page for both partners and end customers.

PHP 8.3 (RC) has been activated for all Hepsia-based services
October 11, 2023

Starting today, users of our cloud hosting platform and servers using the Hepsia Control Panel can activate PHP 8.3 for testing on their websites.

Order notifications are now instantly delivered to your reseller email inbox
October 6, 2023

We're excited to introduce a new feature that will enhance your experience with our free reseller hosting platform.

Our platform now provides support for disposable email addresses, enhancing your privacy protection
September 21, 2023

In today's digital landscape, Internet users face a constant barrage of spam emails, ranging from dubious weight loss promises to questionable loans, enticing travel deals, adult content, and various forms of advertisements.

The Statistics widget in Hepsia now provides data in a more comprehensive and informative manner
September 15, 2023

The Statistics widget in the Hepsia Control Panel has been enhanced to provide a better presentation of website traffic data.

Foundations of SEO: Advice for Small Businesses to Boost Traffic to Their E-commerce Site
August 3, 2023

If you have an existing online store or plan to create one, ensuring its visibility is crucial.

The Hepsia Control Panel now offers the option to generate guest user accounts
June 23, 2023

Taking into account your valuable feedback, we have been consistently enhancing the versatility and flexibility of the Hepsia Control Panel.

Convenient keyboard shortcuts have been introduced to enhance the usability of Hepsia's File Manager
May 4, 2023

The File Manager in the Hepsia Control Panel has been made even more user-friendly with the introduction of shortcut keys.

The Hepsia Control Panel can now be accessed as an application through a Chrome browser extension
April 24, 2023

Web applications are on the rise, with many websites adopting app-like functionality.

WP-CLI has been added to our cloud hosting platform's list of supported tools

While WordPress' admin dashboard is user-friendly and feature-rich, it can occasionally be slow and laborious to navigate.

New PHP Settings Introduced in the Hepsia Control Panel
February 23, 2023

The PHP settings section within the Web Hosting Control Panel has been enhanced with valuable additions that cater to both site administrators and developers.

Seamless Integration of Cloudflare in the Hepsia Control Panel
June 22, 2022

Previously, managing a Cloudflare-managed domain with Hepsia meant handling all DNS and domain settings on the Cloudflare website.

The 1-click Web Apps and Frameworks Installers have been refreshed with additional, trending installations
September 14, 2020

The Control Panel's value-added tools, the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer, have undergone significant updates.

We have incorporated the new PHP 8.0 (Alpha) version into the Control Panel
July 10, 2020

Lately, the PHP team unveiled the initial testing release of PHP 8.0.0, known as Alpha, marking the beginning of PHP 8.0's release journey.

Important Updates to the PHP Settings Section of the Control Panel
March 20, 2020

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, our dedicated developers continue to work diligently on important projects, including a significant update to the PHP Settings section of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Arabic has been included in the list of languages supported by the Control Panel
January 31, 2020

We continue to expand the reach of our Web Hosting Control Panel by introducing Arabic as a new language option.

An option to modify the PHP version for each host is now available within the Control Panel
December 6, 2019

A new feature in the Web Hosting Control Panel now enables users to easily select their preferred PHP version for their projects with a simple click.

A completely fresh Site Builder has been seamlessly incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel
July 31, 2019

We are excited to introduce a new, modern, and user-friendly Site Builder, available now.

We have implemented web-based SSH functionality on our web hosting platform
November 2, 2018

SSH is a network protocol that enables technically proficient users to establish direct communication with a server.

We've activated Swoole, a widely-used PHP network framework, on our platform
August 10, 2018

In recent years, Swoole has emerged as a leading programming solution due to its scalability and its ability to significantly enhance PHP performance as an extension.

The recently overhauled Hepsia Control Panel has been officially released
June 8, 2018

The latest iteration of the Hepsia Control Panel, which has been in beta testing for several months, has been officially rolled out across our network of partners and their clients.

Resource consumption alerts, now activated upon logging into the Control Panel
September 29, 2017

Effective website management relies on vigilant monitoring of resource usage.

The Control Panel now features a recently introduced Python Manager
November 25, 2016

In response to input from web developers, we have incorporated an additional feature into the Advanced segment of the Hepsia Control Panel – the Python Manager.

The Control Panel now includes an additional 135 new WordPress themes
July 11, 2016

We've introduced a selection of contemporary and adaptable WordPress themes into the Free Themes segment of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Supervisor - a fresh developer-friendly feature within the Hepsia Control Panel
March 23, 2016

Undoubtedly, programming demands a significant investment of time and effort.

The Hepsia Control Panel now includes a real-time search feature
January 5, 2016

As the Web Hosting Control Panel expands in size and features, navigating through it becomes more challenging for users, particularly those who are new to it.

The Hepsia Control Panel is now accessible on mobile devices
September 11, 2015

As mobile browsing has become a daily routine for around a third of Internet users, developing a user-friendly account management interface tailored to phones has become an essential requirement.

Enhanced choices for upgrading VPN quotas are now incorporated into the Hepsia Control Panel
July 7, 2015

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is a valuable security solution that you and your clients are already acquainted with.

An email blacklist filtering choice has been introduced to the Email Manager
June 19, 2015

The concern over email security remains substantial, as spammers continually evolve their tactics to gain access to your inbox.

A feature for displaying email sizes has been introduced to the Hepsia Control Panel
May 15, 2015

In addition to the recently incorporated feature allowing you to establish quotas for your email accounts via the Hepsia Control Panel, we have now activated a new convenient functionality for managing email accounts.

Introduction of Swift Domain Search Functionality in the Control Panel
March 26, 2015

A rapid and efficient domain search feature has been integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel to facilitate users in swiftly registering or transferring domain names.

Additional Hepsia Enhancements: Simplified Acquisition of Dedicated IPs and SSLs
March 20, 2015

Recently, a significant visual enhancement was made to the Upgrades table within the Web Hosting Control Panel.

The Hepsia Control Panel has been enhanced to be more accommodating of service upgrades
March 6, 2015

Attracting customers with generous web hosting resources is one aspect, while providing them with real-time updates on their current resource usage is another challenge.

The Hepsia Control Panel now features the capability to enable a Google Drive backup option
January 19, 2015

Over the past year, we have enhanced the backup capabilities of our web hosting platform by introducing the option to back up your data to Dropbox and providing accessible data backup functionality directly from the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Enhancements have been made to the user experience of the ticketing systems within Hepsia
December 15, 2014

In response to your valuable input, we've implemented several significant enhancements to the ticketing systems within both the Hepsia Control Panel and the Reseller Control Panel.

An additional security feature called the "Jail Host" option has been incorporated into the array of protective measures within Hepsia
October 7, 2014

Not too long ago, we activated the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall on all of our servers, providing continuous protection for your hosting account against malicious online activities.

The capability to include a PTR record has been activated for dedicated IP addresses
September 10, 2014

Starting today, individuals utilizing dedicated IP addresses for their websites and applications will have the option to incorporate a PTR record for these IPs.

Social login functionality has been activated for both resellers and customers
September 4, 2014

The login interfaces of both the Web Hosting Control Panel and the Reseller Control Panel have been integrated with social media, allowing customers and resellers to access their accounts using their social media profiles from platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Yahoo!.

PHP Next Generation (PHP NG) has been activated on our servers to cater to development needs
August 26, 2014

Following the recent updates to our system, which introduced PHP sockets and upgraded to version 5.6.0, we have now implemented PHP Next Generation (PHP NG) on our servers.

The PHP socket extension has been activated on all of our hosting servers
August 6, 2014

In response to customer requests, we have implemented the PHP socket extension across all our web hosting servers.

The release of PHP 5.6.0 has been rolled out to all hosting servers
August 4, 2014

Shortly after the official announcement by the PHP development team, the most recent bugfix-exclusive release of PHP 5.6.0 is now accessible across all servers within our web hosting network.

A fresh appearance for the News segment within the Hepsia Control Panel
July 21, 2014

Maintaining your customers' awareness about the latest updates and additions to our web hosting platform has always been a crucial aspect of sustaining their engagement with your business.

Integration of LiveChat support into the Control Panel has been accomplished
May 28, 2014

A recent comprehensive analysis of customer behavior has uncovered that certain users of web hosting encounter difficulties when attempting to upgrade their existing account settings through the Control Panel.

Shared IP addresses for SSL certificates accessible through the Control Panel
March 12, 2014

As previously indicated a couple of weeks back, your web hosting clients have the ability to enable an SSL certificate for their websites without the necessity of purchasing a dedicated IP address upfront.

You can now access daily backups directly from the Control Panel
March 5, 2014

We often associate daily backups with a behind-the-scenes administrative task that becomes noticeable only when our websites face content loss emergencies.

With all hosting services, VPN Access is now offered
February 4, 2014

Starting this week, our development team has integrated a VPN Access segment within the Hepsia Control Panel.

Remote MySQL Access is accessible to all hosting accounts
January 22, 2014

Our development team has introduced a new feature in the Web Hosting Control Panel, providing easy-to-configure remote access to all MySQL databases within your hosting account.

ModSecurity is now activated for all hosting accounts
August 6, 2013

In an effort to enhance website security and minimize the risk of hacking incidents, we have enabled the ModSecurity Apache module for all our web hosting customers.

You can access video tutorials directly from the Hepsia Control Panel
March 13, 2013

Starting today, the Video Tutorials section is now live and accessible in the Hepsia Control Panel.

The Hepsia Control Panel now includes a Sitemap Generator feature
October 5, 2012

We are pleased to introduce a valuable addition to the Hepsia Control Panel – the Sitemap Generator tool.

In the Hepsia Control Panel, you can find Varnish, Node.js and Memcached readily available
May 16, 2012

Over the past few weeks, we have conducted thorough testing of Varnish, Node.js, and Memcached on our servers.

AWStats is now accessible on all servers
March 2, 2012

Since last week, the AWStats tool is now accessible on all our web hosting servers, accessible from the Web Statistics menu in the control panel.

The recently launched Live Chat is currently active and operational
October 21, 2011

Starting this week, we have implemented brand new software to handle all Live Chat requests.

An up-to-date data facility in the United States designed specifically for hosting shared web accounts.
September 2, 2011

Starting from the previous week, we have introduced a fresh US data center alternative for our shared web hosting clients – Steadfast in Chicago, Illinois.

There is a new statistics widget accessible in the Hepsia Control Panel
August 22, 2011

Upon logging into the Web Hosting Control Panel, a new Stats widget created by our lead developer will be visible on the index page.

A new form for placing orders remotely is now accessible
April 21, 2011

Now that we have launched the new remote domain search form, it is time for the new remote order form to be introduced to your web hosting stores.

A newly added remote domain search form
March 29, 2011

The development team has completed work on a new remote domain search form, which can be accessed in the Remote Forms section of the Reseller Control Panel.

The Hepsia Control Panel includes a Website Installer tool
March 2, 2011

We have responded to requests from users who asked for an easier way to build a website, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

The Hepsia Control Panel beta version is now available!
October 8, 2010

We have been announcing the development of a new Control Panel for months, showcasing videos and screenshots.

Australia Has a New Data Center!
October 12, 2010

We are excited to announce the completion of negotiations and server setup procedures with a new data center facility located in Sydney, Australia, which is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Web hosting plans with unlimited resources and features
September 14, 2010

For a long time, users in the Free Reseller Hosting Program have questioned why we didn't offer plans with unlimited resources and features.

Template videos can now be embedded
September 2, 2010

Since the release of the updated videos for reseller templates, there has been a constant request from users to be able to use these videos on their custom websites.

New Affiliate Banners for Resellers
August 18, 2010

We have recently updated the banners for our reseller affiliate program, creating over 20,000 new designs.

Turn-key template videos are now available
July 21, 2010

We are excited to announce that videos are now available on our turn-key templates, which are offered under the Free Reseller Program.

The Free Reseller Program allows you to offer solo domain name registrations
May 19, 2010

The Free Reseller Program now allows resellers to sell individual domain name registrations, even if they don't have a hosting plan.

Free templates are now available in the Web Hosting Control Panel
March 10, 2010

The Elefante Installer is a convenient utility for web hosting customers looking to easily install scripts on their websites. With the latest update to the tool, customers now have the option to select a custom website template as well.

You can sell VPS, Dedicated Servers and Semi-Dedicated Servers from your reseller store
January 19, 2010

The Free Reseller Program now allows all hosting resellers to sell Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Semi-Dedicated Servers on their individual online stores, which is one of our most eagerly awaited improvements.

ResellersPanel has a new look
December 16, 2009 has a new appearance as of today.

ResellersPanel Automates Script Installation
October 16, 2009

A new toolbar will help users install popular PHP packages with a few mouse clicks.

The Payment System has been modified and a Recurring Billing Cycle has been added
March 27, 2009

We'd like to let you know that our in-house built payment system has been updated to include a recurring annual billing cycle method.

A brand-new Data Center in Europe is now available
March 19, 2009

In order to better meet the expanding web hosting needs of our customers from all over Europe, we made the decision to open our doors to another famous European Data Center - the UK Data Center, which is located in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

LiquidNet Reveals a Free Website Template Download Project
January 29, 2009 offers a bouquet of ready-to-use web design skins for the Joomla, WordPress, Moodle and 4images scripts, which will assist webmasters to create personal blogs, e-learning portals or photo galleries, or to revitalize their existing ones.

ResellersPanel Launches a Free PHP Script Installation Website
December 4, 2008 will help inexperienced webmasters build a personal blog, a community forum or a photo gallery quickly and easily, but will also assist web hosting resellers in presenting their online offers more successfully.

ResellersPanel Premieres a New File Manager for Its 5th Anniversary
July 14, 2008

The company has integrated an advanced file manager in its hosting control panel and has enabled its resellers to create several online stores and offer web hosting services in different currencies on them.

ResellersPanel Goes Dedicated and Expands its Presence in Europe
November 7, 2007

The company has launched a new line of dedicated, semi-dedicated and virtual private servers and has moved to a UK data center.

LiquidNet Ltd and Netcom Consulting Inc Join Forces for a Mobile SMS Marketing Venture
August 2, 2007

Web host LiquidNet Ltd. has teamed up with Netcom Consulting, Inc. to offer its webmasters the opportunity to enter the mobile text message marketing field via the recently launched service.

ResellersPanel Launches Version 2.0 of Its Control Panel and a New Web Hosting Plan
February 25, 2007

ResellersPanel has launched a new version of its reseller hosting control panel, which includes a technical support ticketing system, and a new web hosting plan, which provides the opportunity of hosting unlimited domains, sub-domains, e-mails and databases.

ResellersPanel Debuts API and Launches a Hosting Plan Creator
November 16, 2006

ResellersPanel has incorporated API (Application Programming Interface) software into its hosting platform, and has launched Liquid Plan Builder -- a web hosting tool, which allows the resellers to create their own hosting plans. Launches Private DNS Cluster Packages
June 14, 2006 has launched two Private DNS Cluster packages – Private DNS 1 and Private DNS 2, as a part of its Free Reseller Hosting Program.

Lonex Upgrades Its Web Hosting Plans
April 18, 2006

Lonex has substantially increased the disk space and traffic quotas of its web hosting plans. Launches Version 1.0 RC1 of its Control Panel
March 17, 2006 has launched a release candidate version of its hosting Control Panel, which now features a fresh new look of the main menus, a News section, an updated Account Usage table, MySQL Stats, Load Stats and Elefante Tools. Launches a cPanel Reseller Hosting Program
December 4, 2005 has launched a cPanel reseller hosting program, which offers four plans, perfect for those who wish to sell hosting to their own customers. Launches an Automated PHP Script Installer
December 4, 2005

An automated PHP script installer called Elefante Installer has been made available in’s web hosting control panel. Adds Multi-Language Options to its Web Hosting Control Panel
June 27, 2005, a reseller hosting provider, which allows everyone to resell web hosting and domain names without any investments, announces the availability of a new multi-language option in beta mode in its web hosting control panel. Beside in English, German and Spanish, the resellers and their customers can now choose to manage their hosting accounts in French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian.