ICANN Accredited Register

ICANN Accredited Register
Top Project ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Without any doubt, LiquidNet Ltd.'s crowning achievement so far is ResellersPanel - the one-of-a-kind, revolutionary reseller program, which has become a household name in today's web hosting industry, notorious for its fast and reliable client support team and superb technical equipment. ResellersPanel is the only company in the web hosting business offering a free reseller hosting program - namely the Resellers Panel Free Reseller Program. The Private DNS Cluster service gives resellers the unique opportunity to use their own private DNS and thus create brand awareness, and develops the idea of the Private Label Reseller model to the fullest, whereas the Reseller API gives resellers the chance to have a billing gateway of their own and allows a 100% customization of customers' websites. Aside from the free reseller program, ResellersPanel offers also a cPanel Reseller Program, Dedicated and Semi-dedicated Server packages, Virtual Private Servers, domain names, SSL certificates, an affiliate program.

Lonex ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lonex, which has been in the business since 2002, offers a complete suite of professional web hosting services for both individuals and enterprises, domain name registration and development of web pages and applications, and last, but not least - proper customer support. Its web hosting plans are carefully designed according to the common needs of the customers, but also offer many features for the advanced users. As a valued web hosting client of Lonex you will enjoy all the benefits of Lonex's state-of-the-art data center located in Fremont, California. What's more, Lonex boasts one of the fastest and most reliable client support teams in the industry, which expects your questions 24 hours a day and is always ready to offer competent solutions. Lonex's extensive experience will no doubt help you and your business to build and maintain a successful online presence.

50Webs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The 50Webs web hosting service was launched in November 2004. Since then, both its popularity and customer base have been growing steadily thanks to the quality service that 50Webs offers. 50Webs's free hosting service boasts more than 200,000 customers, as of now. 50Webs's team, which has developed its own service marketing strategy relying both on attractive product features and top-of-the-line customer support, is comprised of highly qualified IT professionals with diverse fields of expertise, motivated to provide 50Webs's customers with one of the best services in the web hosting business. 50Webs, which strives to ensure maximum data protection and uptime for its customers' web sites, provides one of the highest levels of connectivity in the industry thanks to its partnership with some of the leading hardware manufactures out there. To maintain a high-performance hosting platform, 50Webs's engineers are working with the latest and most secure software available today.

NTC Hosting ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NTC Hosting offers a professional web hosting service, domain name registration and design. The NTC Hosting team is composed of highly qualified and devoted specialists whose main goal is to provide one of the best possible services and excellent customer support simultaneously. NTC Hosting's server hardware is optimized for a maximum performance and minimum server load. After several years of developing and testing different hardware configurations, NTC Hosting managed to find the ideal balance between the operational system (Debian Linux), the web hosting software (developed in-house by LiquidNet Ltd.) and the hardware configuration of its servers. NTC Hosting also offers low budget web hosting for customers who own tiny websites and need to host a few domain names only. This package also includes a website builder and an automatic scripts installer. NTC Hosting provides its customers with a free web design template and offers also web template customization services.

A Truly Cloud Hosting Service! ----------

LiquidNet Ltd.'s software developers and network engineers have developed from the ground up a new generation cloud hosting system, which is being tested real-time on several popular free hosting services achieving amazing results. It intelligently distributes the load between the servers, thus allowing for maximum speed of executing the requests with minimum server load. Today's one-server hosting solutions run several simultaneously performed services, which "steal" the server's resources and thus produce high server load and low server speed, and lead to the quick amortization of the hardware. As of now, 99.95% of the hosting companies are running one-server hosting platforms. Unlike them and instead of having a single server running 7-8 services simultaneously, we'll be running one service at a time per one or more servers. As a result of the balanced distribution of the server load, amazing server speed-ups will be achieved as well as the possibility to host 60,000-90,000 users on a single server per average server load of 30-60%.