Web hosting plans with unlimited resources and features

September 14, 2010
For a long time, users in the Free Reseller Hosting Program have questioned why we didn't offer plans with unlimited resources and features.

The reason being, we never favored the concept of "unlimited" as it was simply a marketing tactic. However, as most web hosting companies now provide unlimited resources, the standard web hosting customer now expects this in all hosting plans.

Therefore, ResellersPanel has decided to adopt this approach and starting now, our Business, Corporate and Enterprise shared web hosting plans will include unlimited features.

All of our plans will now come with unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, unlimited subdomains, unlimited MySQL storage quotas and unlimited FTP accounts. This change will also apply to our semi-dedicated servers, which means both Semi Dedicated 1 and Semi Dedicated 2 packages will now offer unlimited disk space and traffic.

The shared web hosting plans and semi-dedicated servers will not see a price increase and will maintain their current prices. Additionally, a new shared web hosting plan called the Starter web hosting plan will be introduced.

The new Starter web hosting plan was created in response to requests from resellers for a smaller web hosting option for individual users who were confused by the name of our previous basic plan, "Business". This new plan has a wholesale price of $30.00 USD per year ($2.50 per month) and a minimum retail price of $33.00 per year ($2.75 per month). It is now available and can be activated from the Reseller Control Panel at any time.