The recently overhauled Hepsia Control Panel has been officially released

June 8, 2018
The latest iteration of the Hepsia Control Panel, which has been in beta testing for several months, has been officially rolled out across our network of partners and their clients.

You and your customers can now take advantage of a completely redesigned dashboard, characterized by its modern aesthetics and a significantly streamlined interface for efficiently managing your projects.

Discover more about the updated version of the Hepsia Control Panel and the significant advantages brought by its refreshed appearance and user experience.

What prompted the redesign of the new Hepsia version?

In many cases, gaining a fresh perspective is essential to maximize the potential of your resources. This concept drove the initiation of our Hepsia redesign project.

In addition to adhering to the latest UI trends, our aim was to ensure users experience the most straightforward site and email management.

The Hepsia Control Panel serves as the crucial interaction point between your customers and your web hosting and domain name registration services.

That's why we set out to grant its dashboard a new, more intuitive appearance, highlighting the most valuable features and functionalities while enabling users to easily locate what they need when managing their projects.

It took over a year of development and testing to achieve the desired equilibrium between user-friendliness and technical intricacy.

Your feedback, as well as that of your customers, proved invaluable in guiding us along this journey.

Upon releasing the beta version of the new Hepsia at the beginning of 2018, we dedicated ourselves to incorporate the insights and opinions of both you and your customers.

The result of our collaborative efforts is now an inherently user-centric Control Panel solution with improved organization and intuitiveness, setting you apart in the uniform web hosting market.

Enhanced Hepsia Dashboard Design

The revamped dashboard of Hepsia adds a fresh touch to its well-established appearance, providing a seamless and modern visual experience.

The previously separate sidebar boxes have been unified into a single element, contributing to a more comprehensive layout.

The arrangement of the main content area has been completely restructured, optimizing the interaction with the frequently used controls for site and email management.

We've streamlined the selection of icons, retaining only the most commonly used ones.

To enhance the visual representation of your site's activity, the Statistics section has been aesthetically improved.

Directly below, a summary of customer invoices has been incorporated, facilitating easy monitoring of purchase history when users log into the Control Panel.

Furthermore, we've refined the header area, ensuring a cleaner presentation of the array of options available there.

Notably, the Visit Store link has been relocated to the right, allowing more space for your store's logo.

Additionally, the Inbox has been divided into two sections, enhancing user convenience in staying updated with the latest news and system notifications.

The theme and language settings have been made more prominent, simplifying user control over these aspects.

The Help icon is now conveniently accessible, providing users with one-click entry to the restructured Help Center within Hepsia.

Clicking on their name unveils a list of all the options previously featured in the My Account section of the previous Control Panel.

This enables users to efficiently manage tasks such as updating account information, changing passwords, modifying wallet details, or handling recurring contracts with a simple click.

For added convenience, social media login, feedback, and logout options have been included in this section.

Complete Overhaul of Hepsia for Responsive Design

Hepsia's mobile version has undergone a comprehensive transformation, resulting in a fully responsive design approach.

Users now have seamless access to their hosting and domain management dashboard from any type of device.

The responsive framework ensures a seamless transition across different devices, guaranteeing users a comprehensive Control Panel experience whether they are utilizing their desktop computer or mobile device.

For instance, when accessing the Control Panel through their tablet or mobile phone, users can conveniently activate an additional sidebar using the 'Usage' tab situated on the left side.

Accessing various options in the header area has been simplified, accessible through the 'Menu' tab located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Hepsia Overhaul - Enhancements in the Background

To harmonize the refreshed visual aspect of the Control Panel with its tactile experience, we've implemented several enhancements to the back-end framework.

Extensive test simulations were conducted with the File and Email Managers to ensure a smoother user experience in the Control Panel's frequently visited sections.

Consequently, users can now perform various file management tasks and manage their mailboxes more efficiently and expeditiously than ever before.

Hepsia Overhaul - Comprehensive Restructuring of the Help Center Building upon your valuable feedback and taking into account the latest UI trends, we've restructured the help section to streamline users' path to resolving specific issues.

Clicking the Help Center link in the top right corner directs users to a page housing a collection of helpful articles and tutorials that offer practical solutions.

To enhance user convenience, a search field has been incorporated to assist users in locating solutions.

Additionally, we've highlighted articles useful for beginners and featured a selection of the most sought-after help articles on our platform.

Upon clicking a specific category, users gain access to all available help topics and have the option to search for specific issues if the list is extensive.

If a user doesn't find a solution to their query, they can easily seek help by clicking the 'Open a new ticket' button at the list's bottom.

NOTE: We are in the final stages of introducing a new contextual help feature and a fresh collection of video tutorials tailored to the new design. Stay tuned for further updates.

Starting today, you and your customers will be automatically directed to the new version of the Hepsia Control Panel.

A link to the legacy version will remain available for those who require more time to become accustomed to the dashboard's new look and feel.