The Hepsia Control Panel now includes a real-time search feature

January 5, 2016
As the Web Hosting Control Panel expands in size and features, navigating through it becomes more challenging for users, particularly those who are new to it.

For this reason, we have introduced a live search capability that allows users to swiftly locate features and services within the Control Panel interface.

The live search functionality is situated in the left-hand widget column and can be conveniently accessed from any section of the Control Panel.

Where can the user find the live search feature?

If the user has not moved the widgets within the left-hand column, they will find the live search function placed at the column's top, just above My Plan Details.

If the user has rearranged the order of widgets, the live search option will be situated at the column's bottom.

What are the guiding principles behind live searching?

Through the utilization of the live search functionality, users gain access to every individual section or feature present in the Control Panel.

The search process itself is initiated by keywords selected by the users. We have put forth significant effort to compile an extensive database of searchable keywords, and we will continue to expand it over time.

Suppose a user wishes to view their domains.

If they input the general keyword 'domains', this action will promptly trigger a rapid live search outcome with two general choices – proceeding directly to the Domain Manager section or accessing its relevant Help area.

If the user specifies a more precise search, such as 'park a domain', they will be directed to the specific subsection of the Domain Manager related to that action.

What is the optimal approach for utilizing the live search feature?

For domain searches, if a user aims to quickly access a specific domain, they can input it into the search field. This action will promptly display the domain itself along with the associated mailboxes.

Additionally, the user will be presented with a list of common domain/email management options related to the specific domain.

Regarding mailbox searches, when a user looks for a particular mailbox, the displayed options will exclusively pertain to that mailbox.

By including the "@" symbol followed by their domain, the user will be presented with a list of all mailboxes linked to that domain.

For database searches, users can specify the name of a particular MySQL/PostgreSQL database. This will yield various valuable database management choices, including a rapid phpMyAdmin/phpPgAdmin login option, a remote connection alternative, and even a password reset possibility.

The live search functionality also serves as a swift shortcut to applications in the App Installer. For instance, inputting 'wordpress' into the search field will offer several options: navigating to the installation page with the WordPress app pre-selected, previewing a WordPress site demo, or viewing all installed WordPress sites under that specific account.

For invoice searches, entering an Invoice ID or a Recurring Contract ID will instantly provide users with details related to a specific payment document.

The live search feature is a valuable addition to the Control Panel, designed to enhance the ease of navigation and facilitate quicker management of sites, applications, and emails for your customers.

If you have suggestions based on your own experience using the live search feature, we welcome you to share them with us.