A feature for displaying email sizes has been introduced to the Hepsia Control Panel

May 15, 2015
In addition to the recently incorporated feature allowing you to establish quotas for your email accounts via the Hepsia Control Panel, we have now activated a new convenient functionality for managing email accounts.

Starting today, you have the capability to conveniently monitor the actual sizes of your email accounts directly from the Email Manager.

This fresh option assists you in overseeing your email consumption and adjusting the sizes of your mailboxes as needed.

How to access the display option for email sizes?

The ability to keep track of mailbox sizes logically follows the ability to limit the sizes of your email accounts, thereby preventing them from becoming congested with unwanted messages and advertisements.

You can now easily observe mailboxes that are approaching critical sizes and promptly adjust their size quotas when necessary.

In the Email Manager, simply left-click on a mailbox to bring up the information box.

Just below the mail server details, you'll find a line of text indicating the current size of the chosen mailbox.

How frequently will the email size information be updated?

The current email size will be refreshed each time you click on a selected mailbox.

To clarify, the email size will be accessible upon request, as generating multiple simultaneous requests for mailbox sizes could strain the server.

NOTE: By default, the sizes of all mailboxes that have received at least one email within the last 5 days will be displayed.

Alternatively, you can still verify the size of a specific mailbox within the RoundCube webmail client.

Simply locate the circular icon in the lower-left corner.