Template videos can now be embedded

September 2, 2010
Since the release of the updated videos for reseller templates, there has been a constant request from users to be able to use these videos on their custom websites.

In response to this, we have been working hard to make this possible. Today, we are excited to announce that these videos can now be embedded on any website.

Simply log in to your Control Panel, go to the "Website Template" menu and access the "Videos" tab. From there, you can manage the videos on your website, such as deciding if you want them to play automatically or not. Lastly, you'll find the embed code for each video at the bottom of the page.

For each video, there are two size options available: 640x360 px or 480x270 px. The intro video, which is featured on the homepage of the reseller template, offers 16 different options to choose from. These options vary based on the services you want to promote in the video.