The Control Panel now includes an additional 135 new WordPress themes

July 11, 2016
We've introduced a selection of contemporary and adaptable WordPress themes into the Free Themes segment of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Both you and your clients can now opt for a fresh theme to enhance your WordPress-driven blog, news website, photo gallery, and more.

These novel themes are available at no cost and can be effortlessly installed with just a click through the Control Panel.

What do the new WordPress themes offer?

The latest assortment of WordPress themes embodies current trends in web design and presents a novel approach to the concept of contemporary online representation.

Among these offerings are grid-based themes, designed to present content in a tidy and easily digestible manner.

These themes are particularly well-suited for culinary blogs, news platforms, image galleries, portfolios, and even e-commerce establishments.

In addition, there are classic-style themes featuring site-wide banners and an integrated slider function.

Such themes serve as an ideal visual solution for blogs, non-profit organizations, or commercial websites.

Moreover, the collection includes full-screen layouts with background images that are equally noteworthy.

These themes present an excellent front-end option for creative agencies, photographers, architecture firms, interior design studios, and more.

How to utilize the newly introduced WordPress themes?

The recently introduced WordPress themes have seamlessly integrated into the existing collection of free themes within the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Simply navigate to the Free Themes section located under the Installer tab. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of the available themes for downloading.

Upon selecting the template you wish to install, click the Install button. This action will initiate the 1-click WordPress site setup wizard.

Given that WordPress is synonymous with a "free, secure, and user-friendly website creation platform," the integration of these new themes into the Control Panel is anticipated to attract fresh opportunities to your web hosting portfolio, much like a magnetic force. Feel free to promote these themes across your marketing channels to spread awareness.