Our platform now provides support for disposable email addresses, enhancing your privacy protection

September 21, 2023
In today's digital landscape, Internet users face a constant barrage of spam emails, ranging from dubious weight loss promises to questionable loans, enticing travel deals, adult content, and various forms of advertisements.

In recent years, the global volume of spam emails has steadily increased. By the end of 2022, unsolicited messages made up more than 45 percent of all email traffic.

Despite the presence of advanced anti-spam filters, unwanted messages can still manage to infiltrate inboxes. As time goes on, spammers continue to devise new tactics to circumvent these protective measures.

Nonetheless, there exists a highly effective approach to sidestep spam or junk mail, whether it originates from trusted or untrusted sources – the use of disposable email addresses.

What is a disposable or temporary email address?

Disposable emails, also known as temporary mail, temp mail, or throwaway email addresses, are created for short-term use, intended to receive one-time or temporary communications. They are typically meant to be discarded after their initial purpose is served.

Individuals often utilize these substitute email addresses to safeguard their primary email accounts from spam, phishing attacks, or unwanted newsletters.

A throwaway email address can be thought of as an extension of the primary mailbox and follows this format: mailbox+string_of_text@domain.com (e.g., johndoe+facebook@my-site-name.com).

The "+" symbol is a crucial component of the address, indicating that it's a disposable address.

Users do not need to create or manage a throwaway mailbox; they can simply employ it in situations requiring an email address. Consequently, any emails sent to the temporary mailbox will automatically forward to the main inbox. Importantly, no separate folder is created for incoming emails in the throwaway inbox.

Throwaway email functions like a regular email address, but with a few distinctions:

  • It is not a genuine mailbox and doesn't necessitate a password.
  • It's solely for receiving emails; sending emails through a disposable mail service is not possible.

Why opt for a disposable email address?

Temporary email addresses serve as a valuable shield for your real email address, safeguarding it against potential sources of spam. Many websites and online services mandate a valid email address for registration, access to specific features, or receipt of exclusive content. Unfortunately, some of these platforms may misuse these email addresses to send unsolicited emails.

When individuals employ a throwaway email for online registrations or sign-ups, they can ensure the security of their primary email, shielding it from unwanted messages and spam.

In today's world, privacy is a growing concern. One effective method of protecting one's true identity and personal information is by utilizing temporary email addresses. This practice is particularly advantageous when signing up for online services or forums that lack complete credibility and trustworthiness. It enables users to keep their actual email address concealed, thereby preserving the safety and security of their personal information.

Moreover, disposable emails can assist users in maintaining the organization of their primary inbox. By segregating temporary communications from important emails, it simplifies the management of their correspondence.

Practical Scenarios for Disposable Email Usage

Here are some real-life situations in which individuals and organizations can take advantage of disposable email addresses:

  • 1. Online Registrations: When individuals want to register for a new online service without exposing their primary email address to spam or marketing emails, they can use a temporary email address as an alternative. This approach allows them to maintain a clean main inbox while still receiving registration confirmations.
  • 2. E-commerce Shopping: Online shoppers who prefer not to receive numerous order confirmations and promotional emails from various retailers can benefit from disposable emails. By using temporary email addresses for each online store where they make purchases, they can keep their primary inbox well-organized and spam-free.
  • 3. Forum and Social Media Signups: This feature is also ideal for users who enjoy engaging in discussions on social media platforms or internet forums but wish to safeguard their primary email addresses from potential spammers or online harassers. To protect their privacy, they can use unique temporary email addresses for each online community they join. This practice allows them to specify which senders are permitted to contact them via these addresses, thereby enhancing their overall privacy and security.
  • 4. Software Testing: Software developers in need of conducting rapid testing of online processes can also find disposable emails valuable. They no longer need to create a dedicated email address exclusively for testing purposes. By using a disposable email, they can carry out the necessary tests with minimal additional effort.

How to Utilize Disposable Email Addresses

A disposable email address can be used in place of the primary email address on any external website or service, just like a regular email.

Users simply enter the disposable email address when prompted to provide an email address. They can assign a different disposable mailbox to each service they use.

For instance, if a user needs to create an additional Facebook account, instead of setting up an entirely new mailbox, they can use a disposable mailbox such as "existing.mailbox+string_of_text@domain.com" (e.g., johndoe+facebook@my-site-name.com).

They can create as many extra disposable mailboxes as needed for each mailbox associated with their account.

Furthermore, users can specify an expiration date for a disposable mailbox. To do this, they only need to add the desired date in the format "YYYYMMDD" to ensure that the mailbox becomes inactive on that specific day.

For example, "existing.mailbox+string_of_text+YYYYMMDD@domain.com" (e.g., johndoe+facebook+20231229@my-site-name.com).

In the provided example, any emails sent to the johndoe+facebook+20231229@my-site-name.com mailbox after the specified date of December 29, 2023, will be automatically discarded.

How to Locate Disposable Email in the Control Panel

Unfortunately, the Control Panel does not offer options to manage disposable emails. However, we have introduced a new tab within the email section. This tab serves as an informative resource, providing users with insights into this feature and instructions on how to make the most of it.

Disposable email addresses can serve as a useful tool for managing undesired communications and fortifying the security of your primary email account. By implementing the right rules and controls following the "+" symbol, you can bolster your email security and organization, ensuring that your primary inbox remains free from clutter and well-protected.