The Hepsia Control Panel now features the capability to enable a Google Drive backup option

January 19, 2015
Over the past year, we have enhanced the backup capabilities of our web hosting platform by introducing the option to back up your data to Dropbox and providing accessible data backup functionality directly from the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Now, we have introduced an additional feature that allows you to back up your data online using Google Drive. This option is specifically designed to facilitate integration for Google users, a significant portion of web users, allowing them to consolidate essential data within their Google accounts.

How Does the Google Drive Backup Option Function for Users?

Similar to the well-utilized Dropbox backup option that has seen extensive adoption by your customers over the past year, users can now back up their entire website content using their Google Drive accounts. This encompasses files of various types (text files, images, videos, etc.) and databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL).

Note: The choice between Google Drive and Dropbox backup options will be available on a per-host basis. In other words, for a specific host, you can opt to back up data using either Dropbox or Google Drive.

Steps to Back Up Your Sites via Google Drive:

  • 1. In the Web Hosting Control Panel, navigate to the "Files" section and select the "Remote Backups" option.
  • 2. Click on the "Add Google Drive Account" button in the top right corner.
  • 3. Grant permission to our Hepsia Backup Application by clicking the "Accept" button.
  • 4. Your hosting account and Google Drive profile will be successfully linked. A confirmation email from Google will be received.
  • 5. You can back up three types of data, categorized into columns: hostnames (comprising your site's content excluding databases), MySQL databases, and PgSQL databases.
  • 6. Choose the host for which you want to create a backup and select the relevant Google account from the "Connected Accounts" dropdown menu.
  • 7. Set the backup period, which ranges from 3 to 14 backups. Our backup script will run every other day, generating complete backups of your files.
  • 8. Upon selecting the backup period, the backup process will be initiated.
  • 9. In your Google Drive account's root folder, a "HepsiaBackups" folder will be created under the "Apps" directory.
  • 10. During the hostname backup generation process, backups will be organized into separate folders for each day.
  • 11. Similar steps apply if you want to back up MySQL or PgSQL databases.

Important Note: We will continue to automatically create backups of your websites and databases on our servers, regardless of whether you utilize our Google Drive/Dropbox backup service.

The Google Drive backup service is accessible across all Hepsia-based services, including shared hosting packages, semi-dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, and dedicated servers.