We have implemented web-based SSH functionality on our web hosting platform

SSH is a network protocol that enables technically proficient users to establish direct communication with a server.

This direct access to the server empowers web hosting customers to efficiently manage their resources.

With our recently introduced web-based SSH functionality, users on our platform can now access a server directly through their web browser, eliminating the need for a traditional SSH client.

For further insights into the advantages of utilizing web-based SSH, please refer to our informative post.

What does SSH entail?

As a network protocol, SSH enables the creation of secure connections between computers.

Typically, this involves using an SSH client, which enables a user to establish a connection with another computer's SSH server, enabling remote command execution.

Any authorized user can utilize an SSH client on their computer to connect to systems accessible via the SSH protocol.

In the context of web hosting, SSH provides users with the capability to directly access their projects on the server and perform various actions on them. For instance, a user can use SSH commands to view a list of files within the directory where their projects are stored.

What does web-based SSH involve?

As implied by its name, web SSH permits users to skip the conventional SSH client and establish a connection to a server through their chosen web browser. The interaction between the browser and the SSH server is facilitated through an intermediary web application server.

All communication between the server and the user takes place using JavaScript and dynamic HTML, and the messages are presented within the user's web browser.

Here are the key advantages of web-based SSH in summary:

  • 1. Ease of Access: There's no need to download or install any software. Users can access SSH servers through a web browser from anywhere, provided they have access to their Control Panel.
  • 2. Anonymity: As SSH access is routed through an intermediary web application server, the SSH server remains unaware of the actual client's IP address.
  • 3. Auditability: The communication between the browser and the SSH server via the web application server can be easily logged, similar to traditional SSH. This ensures that a malicious client cannot delete a user's activity logs.

What is the operational process of web-based SSH on our platform?

We have seamlessly incorporated the web-based SSH feature into the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Users can access it by clicking on the Web SSH icon located in the header section of the dashboard, positioned conveniently next to the Help Centre icon.

Our implementation of web-based SSH operates as follows:

  • 1. When a user clicks on the Web SSH icon, an automatic connection to the SSH server is initiated through a background script. This eliminates the need for the user to enter login credentials as required by a traditional SSH client.
  • 2. The user is presented with a responsive terminal interface directly in the web browser, which is essentially HTML code.
  • 3. Any command entered by the user in the browser and submitted by pressing the enter key is processed by the same script responsible for establishing a secure connection to the server. The script transmits the user's commands to the server.
  • 4. The server accepts, executes, and returns the results of the commands. Our script captures these results and displays them in the browser's terminal-like interface.
  • 5. Users can utilize the web-based SSH terminal while navigating within the Control Panel or opt to view it in full, hiding the rest of the Control Panel while not covering the entire browser window.
  • 6. To close the web-based SSH terminal, users can simply click on the "X" icon in the upper right corner.
  • 7. Users who wish to maintain a log file of their session can easily do so by clicking on the "Start Log" icon in the lower left corner of the browser. Upon completion, they can download the log file to their device by clicking on the "Download Log" option.

Please note: Web-based SSH functionality is available at no additional cost for all web hosting plans that include SSH as a feature or offer it as an upgrade option.

Web SSH combines the server access capabilities of the SSH protocol with the user-friendly and flexible nature of web browsers. It's a valuable feature that can be conveniently used from any device and location, enhancing the appeal and usability of the Web Hosting Control Panel.