Enhanced choices for upgrading VPN quotas are now incorporated into the Hepsia Control Panel

July 7, 2015
The VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is a valuable security solution that you and your clients are already acquainted with.

Over the past year since its launch, thousands of users seeking online privacy have harnessed its capabilities to encrypt and protect their data from unauthorized access.

To enhance your and your clients' utilization of the VPN access service, we've introduced options for upgrading monthly data traffic and upload/download speeds within the Hepsia Control Panel.

Why opt for a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service designed to overcome geographical restrictions on the globally accessible Internet.

By utilizing VPN functionality, you can reroute your online traffic and browse the web anonymously from any location across the globe.

This makes VPN an effective solution for accessing content that is restricted within your geographical area.

For more insights into the significance of VPN today, refer to our article elaborating on the power of VPN.

How to enhance your monthly data traffic quota?

By default, we allocate 5 GB of complimentary monthly VPN data traffic to all cloud hosting packages, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers managed through the Hepsia Control Panel.

If you or your clients require more than this allocation, you can now augment your monthly capacity by purchasing additional gigabytes of data traffic.

Within the Control Panel, access the Upgrades section located at the upper right corner and proceed to the menu for upgrading monthly VPN data traffic.

Select the desired amount of extra data traffic from the dropdown list. This will be added on top of the default 5 GB monthly allocation.

VPN upgrades - monthly data traffic For example, if you surpass the 5 GB limit this month, you can acquire an additional 5 GB. Your entitlement to the next month's 5 GB will renew, allowing you a total of 10 GB of VPN data traffic.

How to boost your upload/download speed quota?

The default upload/download speed while connected to the VPN is 512 Kbps. If you find this rate insufficient, you can now elevate it for a faster VPN experience.

The upload/download speed upgrade option is conveniently situated alongside the monthly VPN data traffic upgrade option in the Upgrade table.

Select the preferred upload/download speed from the dropdown menu.

Setting prices for VPN upgrades

In your Reseller Control Panel, navigate to the My Offers tab and access the section for Shared Hosting upgrades.

You'll find the VPN data traffic and upload/download speed upgrade quotas listed separately.

Enter your desired quota prices in the Retail boxes and then save your changes by clicking Set Prices.

For now, you can modify the pricing only for the monthly VPN data traffic quota and the upload/download speed quota associated with shared hosting packages. This same functionality will soon be extended to other services as well.

Using the VPN access service

If you have not yet utilized our VPN servers to route your online traffic, follow these steps:

Configure a new VPN connection using the VPN client installed on your device, selecting one of our VPN server locations. Opt for the PPTP connection protocol, as our VPN servers exclusively support this protocol. Input your hosting account username and VPN password. Within the Control Panel's VPN Access section, you'll find a video guide on setting up a VPN connection.

That's it! Your internet communication is now encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

Tip: To conserve data, you can activate a VPN filter from the Control Panel, which automatically blocks ads and compresses images.

The VPN feature, seamlessly integrated into the Control Panel, is one of the most frequently used functions. Offering your clients the option to enhance their VPN experience will positively impact your profit margins.