A fresh appearance for the News segment within the Hepsia Control Panel

July 21, 2014
Maintaining your customers' awareness about the latest updates and additions to our web hosting platform has always been a crucial aspect of sustaining their engagement with your business.

To enhance the visual appeal and ease of consuming news and updates, we have implemented substantial enhancements to the News section within the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Starting today, your clients will have the opportunity to peruse news items about your services in a manner akin to reading their favorite blogs, complete with abundant visuals and organized content segments.

Updates to the Inbox Tab – A Contemporary Boxed Style and Captivating News Summaries

One significant enhancement is the visual redesign of the Inbox tab, which promptly notifies users about unread news releases. In addition to the refreshed and more uncluttered appearance, there is now a clearer distinction between news articles and regular service notifications and alerts.

Overhaul of the News Listing

Presenting all news articles in a more streamlined and easily scannable format, each article now includes a 16:9 thumbnail and an engaging introductory snippet:

Complete Transformation of News Pages

The news pages have undergone a comprehensive transformation, adopting a blog-like aesthetic. These pages now boast a segmented layout and incorporate numerous images and embedded videos to enhance the visual representation of the content presented.

Furthermore, we are actively developing a news publication system reminiscent of a blog, which you'll soon be able to utilize for your hosting businesses. Anticipate further updates regarding these 'news' updates.