Turn-key template videos are now available

July 21, 2010
We are excited to announce that videos are now available on our turn-key templates, which are offered under the Free Reseller Program.

This is a project that we have been working on for the past week and we are thrilled to roll it out to users of our templates.

When visiting a website using one of our templates for the first time, users will see an introduction video that plays automatically.

After that, the video will require a click to play. We received valuable feedback from resellers, which allowed us to quickly improve this feature and add a "Video" section to the Reseller Control Panel.

From this section, resellers can enable or disable autoplay or disable the video altogether. They can also select a thumbnail to be used as the first frame of the video, which will be displayed on the website after the video has already been viewed.

To apply any changes made in the Reseller Control Panel, be sure to click the Quick Template Update button.

We hope that this new feature will be a valuable addition to our turn-key templates and make the user experience even better.