Enhancements have been made to the user experience of the ticketing systems within Hepsia

December 15, 2014
In response to your valuable input, we've implemented several significant enhancements to the ticketing systems within both the Hepsia Control Panel and the Reseller Control Panel.

These updates, which cover both visual and functional aspects, are designed to facilitate more direct and engaging communication between us and your web hosting customers.

Here's a brief overview of the recent improvements:

  • Enhanced Notification Alerts in the Hepsia Control Panel: Until now, tickets in the Web Hosting Control Panel were primarily categorized as Open or Closed. However, we've introduced an additional feature to indicate whether a customer has read a ticket or not.
  • New Message Alerts for Improved Communication: Tickets with new responses will now be accompanied by an orange 'New Message' flag to promptly notify the customer. Meanwhile, tickets containing responses from our technical support team, which have already been viewed by the customer, will be marked with a green 'Received Assistance' flag.

Please note: Whenever a customer reads a ticket with a new message, the ticket will automatically transition to a 'Received Assistance' status, regardless of whether the customer leaves a comment.

These new message alerts will also be visibly displayed within the Inbox notification area located in the Control Panel's header section.

Highlighting Urgent Situations: In cases where our technicians initiate a ticket concerning critical matters such as exceeding resource limits or service violations, an exclusive 'Immediate Attention Required' message will immediately appear when the customer accesses their Control Panel.

We believe these enhancements will contribute to an even more seamless and responsive ticketing experience for both you and your customers. Your feedback remains invaluable as we continue to refine and improve our services.