An additional security feature called the 'Jail Host' option has been incorporated into the array of protective measures within Hepsia

October 7, 2014
Not too long ago, we activated the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall on all of our servers, providing continuous protection for your hosting account against malicious online activities.

However, as observed globally, hackers can sometimes discover covert methods to infiltrate the system despite best efforts (as it's commonly understood that achieving 100 pro hacker prevention is challenging). In such instances, they might successfully gain control over one of your hosts. In this scenario, it's time for them to be confined within that particular host.

With the introduction of the novel 'Jail Host' feature, our web hosting system will outsmart these intruders by effectively 'jailing' them.

What is the purpose of the 'Jail Host' option?

When you activate the 'Jail Host' feature for a specific host, you essentially create isolation for that host from the other domains found within the same hosting account's www/ directory.

As a result, if hackers attempt to target the designated host, they will swiftly face consequences and be confined within that host.

This imprisonment ensures that intruders cannot utilize the compromised host as a gateway to access the remainder of the system where your other hosts are situated.

This confinement operates at the Operating System level, ensuring its effectiveness in all scenarios involving hacking attempts on the specified host.

When is the 'Jail Host' option beneficial to use?

The 'Jail Host' functionality proves incredibly useful when you engage a webmaster to handle tasks on your website. Particularly if you are not personally acquainted with the webmaster, it becomes prudent to implement stringent measures to safeguard your host.

In such a scenario, most hosting providers might suggest granting the individual restricted FTP access solely to the specific host. Nevertheless, if this individual harbors malicious intentions, they could potentially overcome the FTP barrier and introduce harmful scripts into your account. By preemptively 'jailing' the host, you eliminate any risk of jeopardizing your entire hosting account in such situations.

How can I enable the 'Jail Host' feature?

The 'Jail Host' functionality is seamlessly integrated within the Hosted Domains segment of the Web Hosting Control Panel. This feature is accessible across all shared hosting plans, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers. However, it is not available for our Virtual Private Servers due to compatibility issues with the virtualization technology.

Within the Hosted Domains section, simply select the Edit Host icon located at the end of the Actions column.

The 'Jail Host' option is situated at the bottom of the Edit Host form. You can effortlessly activate it by checking the corresponding box and then clicking on the Edit Host button.

Are there any additional limitations associated with the 'Jail Host' feature?

When a host is 'jailed', you won't have the ability to access files hosted under a different domain within the same account. Should you wish to utilize them, it's necessary to deactivate the 'Jail Host' option beforehand.

However, all other domains within the account will maintain access to the file system of the 'jailed' host.

The 'Jail Host' functionality effectively addresses a particular security vulnerability that operates at a deeper level.

Consequently, it introduces an elevated layer of protection for your customers' websites and furnishes you with a compelling selling point when catering to security-conscious potential clients. After all, who isn't concerned about online security?

Moreover, 'Jail Host' represents an entirely innovative feature within the realm of web hosting services and isn't currently readily available on any other hosting platform.

So, why wait any longer? Initiate discussions with your customers about security from a fresh and distinctive perspective.