The Hepsia Control Panel has been enhanced to be more accommodating of service upgrades

March 6, 2015
Attracting customers with generous web hosting resources is one aspect, while providing them with real-time updates on their current resource usage is another challenge.

The Hepsia Control Panel has recently undergone a significant revamp aimed at aiding customers in monitoring their resource usage and gaining a clearer understanding of their sites' requirements in real-time. This proactive approach assists them in making informed decisions about which service upgrades might be necessary, effectively averting potential downtimes.

Enhancements to Resource Usage Visualization

To address the issue of users sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the array of features and resources presented to them, we have incorporated a more visual representation into the resource usage table. This graphical enhancement seeks to provide users with a better grasp of their current resource consumption and available capacity. The aim is to empower users to identify when they might require upgrades, allowing them to take action before it becomes critical.

The resource usage is presented through a progress bar that employs different colors:

  • Grey indicates that the user's resource consumption is below ⅙ of the allocated resources.
  • Green signifies that the resource usage is within acceptable limits.
  • Orange indicates that the user is nearing a critical resource usage threshold, advising an upgrade to avoid resource depletion.
  • Red denotes that the user's resource usage has already reached a critical level and prompts immediate action to upgrade. In this scenario, a link to the checkout form is provided for a seamless upgrade process.

Notably, the resource table updates in real-time, eliminating the need for users to manually refresh the page whenever there's a change in usage status.

Segment-Specific Resource Usage Indicators

Complementing the enhanced resource usage table, which is accessible from every section of the Control Panel, users will now encounter smaller progress bars dedicated to specific features relevant to the section they are navigating.

Refinements to Domain Management: Beyond resource usage, improvements have also been made to the visibility of the domain names table. By implementing distinct colors, users will receive clearer alerts about expiring and expired domain names within their hosting account.

Furthermore, users can now conveniently renew their domains directly from the table, eliminating the need to access the Domain Manager separately. This feature applies to individual domain renewals as well as bulk renewals.

Within the Domain Manager itself, users will also encounter progress bar notifications for domains nearing expiration or those that have already expired.

These updates are designed to enhance users' awareness of their resource utilization and foster an appreciation for the scalability of your services. Keep an eye out for another significant Hepsia update next week as we continue to improve in this direction.