Introduction of Swift Domain Search Functionality in the Control Panel

March 26, 2015
A rapid and efficient domain search feature has been integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel to facilitate users in swiftly registering or transferring domain names.

This new search form is conveniently positioned on the left-hand sidebar, just above the recently enhanced 'My Domains' menu. It can be effortlessly accessed with a single click from any section within the Control Panel. The strategic placement and immediate domain search outcomes will significantly streamline the process for users, minimizing both the time and effort required to locate their desired domain names.

How does the live domain search function operate?

The live domain search option offers users nearly instantaneous access to their domain search outcomes.

Merely 400 milliseconds after users stop typing in the domain search field, a list of search results will appear.

These search outcomes for domain registration/transfers will showcase the first 10 TLDs, arranged according to your preferences in the Domain Offers section of the Reseller Control Panel. Nevertheless, the results will exclude choices related to domain hosting or the acquisition of Whois Protection.

In the event that users input the desired domain's TLD in the search field, the outcomes will exclusively display results pertinent to that specific domain name.

Please note: Should users choose to click on the Search button, they will be directed to the standard search box, generating the comprehensive version of the search results page.

Key advantages of the live domain search form

Remarkably swifter compared to the traditional search function. Unlike the standard domain search form, the live domain search form operates significantly faster. By default, it showcases only 10 TLD results and eliminates any supplementary attributes in the search.

Enhanced user efficiency and time savings. The live search form promptly delivers the desired domain name to users, allowing them to bypass the lengthy process of the conventional search form. In cases where users are not entirely certain about their chosen domain name, it's recommended to employ the regular domain search form, which offers a complete list of TLD alternatives and additional domain suggestions as well.