You can now access daily backups directly from the Control Panel

March 5, 2014
We often associate daily backups with a behind-the-scenes administrative task that becomes noticeable only when our websites face content loss emergencies.

Thanks to the recently introduced daily backup feature accessible through the Web Hosting Control Panel, the capability to restore your websites has been made readily available at your fingertips.

Starting today, you will have direct access to website backups that our administrators create on a daily basis.

Here's the process for restoring your files/folders from a backup:

For swift access to the backup function, a shortcut icon has been included on the Control Panel's homepage.

You have multiple options for restoring a backup within your Control Panel.

In the Hosted Domains section, the backup choice is located in the Actions column.

Alternatively, you can right-click on a folder/file and choose the Restore option from the dropdown menu.

In the File Manager, you can also restore a backup by right-clicking on the chosen folder/file.

Or, you can click the Restore button in the Actions toolbar.

Regardless of the method you select, a popup window will appear, allowing you to choose the date and time for the backup you wish to restore.

During the restoration process, you'll be asked if you want to retain a copy of the original folder/file.

The newly restored folder/file will retain the original name, while the initial one will be marked as [archive] and will incorporate the backup's date and time.

Here's how you can access all the available backups linked to your account:

To access your hosting account's entire backup archive, click on the folder icon located right beside the home icon above the File Manager table.

Inside, click on the top-listed Backup folder.

You'll be directed to email and website file backups associated with your account.

You'll find a comprehensive list of all your content backups arranged chronologically.

To restore a backup from this interface, simply select a file/folder and download it to your computer.

In a nutshell, you now possess complete control over your content during crucial moments and can restore it with a simple click from within the Control Panel, eliminating the need to await administrator responses.