The Statistics widget in Hepsia now provides data in a more comprehensive and informative manner

September 15, 2023
The Statistics widget in the Hepsia Control Panel has been enhanced to provide a better presentation of website traffic data.

Following this update, users will find a new statistics tab displaying 48-hour traffic information for their websites.

Additionally, the 'Visitors' section has received a visual update, with each IP address now accompanied by a country flag, making it easier for users to identify the countries from which their website visitors come.

What does the new "48h" statistics tab entail?

The new "48h" tab can be found alongside the General statistics tab in the Statistics widget, located on the Hepsia Control Panel's main page. This tab offers a concise summary of key server traffic metrics over a 48-hour timeframe, encompassing visitor numbers, traffic volume, and hits. All hosting account-associated hosts are included in this data.

Hits are recorded for each request made to the hosting server, including images and graphics. For instance, a typical webpage, with its multiple images and buttons, results in multiple hits.

For example, if a homepage contains three images, a style sheet (like style.css), and the actual page itself (e.g., index.html), then each time a browser requests this page from the server, four hits are registered. On average, a typical page has around 15 hits.

Traffic pertains to the volume of data, measured in MB, transmitted by the server during any given hour within the 48-hour timeframe. The size of each file varies depending on the amount of information it contains. For instance, if a webpage is 30 KB and incorporates three images, each of which is 50 KB in size, displaying this webpage will result in an additional 180 KB being added to the total traffic every time.

By examining both hits and traffic statistics, users can gain valuable insights into their overall server usage. This information helps users understand the server resources their websites consume.

The "Visitors" metric calculates the time elapsed since the last visit from the same IP address when the server receives a request from an IP address. In essence, each visit represents a unique visitor who comes to a website and explores its content. Irrespective of how frequently the same visitor has revisited the site, every visit counts toward the total number of visitors.

IP addresses now display the visitor's country of origin.

Alongside the introduction of the 48h tab, we've enhanced the Visitors section in the Statistics widget.

Each IP address is now accompanied by a country flag, enabling users to promptly recognize the countries of their visitors' origin.

These latest improvements to the Statistics widget make it simpler for users to interpret traffic data.

Our commitment to enhancing the Hepsia Control Panel remains steadfast, aiming to offer an even more feature-rich and user-friendly experience. Stay tuned for forthcoming valuable updates in this regard.