The Hepsia Control Panel can now be accessed as an application through a Chrome browser extension

April 24, 2023
Web applications are on the rise, with many websites adopting app-like functionality.

In line with this trend, we're excited to announce that the Hepsia Control Panel can now be utilized as an app.

Our tailor-made control panel, designed to complement our web hosting services, is now available for easy installation as a Progressive Web App (PWA) in compatible browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and more.

This makes setting up the Hepsia app a straightforward process.

What is a PWA?

A PWA, short for Progressive Web App, is a web application that combines the capabilities of web browsers and mobile technologies to deliver a user experience similar to that of a traditional app.

PWAs achieve this by transforming a website into a standalone application, eliminating superfluous browser elements like menus, search boxes, toolbars, and window borders.

PWAs adhere to the progressive enhancement approach, where developers prioritize core content and features before adding supplementary functionalities as required.

The benefits of utilizing PWA-based websites

The benefits of utilizing PWA-based websites with app-like functionality include:

  • 1. Simplified Installation: PWAs are more lightweight than mobile apps, making them quicker and easier to install without the need for app stores.
  • 2. Reduced Data and Storage Usage: PWAs use caching to minimize data consumption, resulting in lower bandwidth usage and reduced storage requirements compared to mobile apps.
  • 3. Enhanced Performance: PWAs employ service workers to load quickly and efficiently, prefetching necessary data for smooth navigation, leading to improved performance compared to native web apps.
  • 4. Streamlined Interface: With browser elements removed, PWAs offer a clean and user-friendly interface that allows users to focus on the core content.
  • 5. Multi-Window Capability: PWAs, still tied to the browser, enable users to open multiple instances of the Hepsia dashboard in separate windows, facilitating simultaneous work on various sections.
  • 6. Cross-Platform Compatibility: PWA-based sites can be accessed across different browsers, operating systems, and devices using a PWA-compatible web client.

The Hepsia PWA serves as a valuable tool for enhancing user engagement

The Hepsia PWA, functioning as an emulation of a native web app, provides users with a significantly quicker and smoother experience when interacting with the Control Panel. This positions you advantageously in the rapidly expanding mobile market, representing over 50% of global web traffic.

Mobile users can conveniently access the app from their smartphone's home screen, enabling on-the-go usage, similar to their preferred social media platforms. This integration makes Hepsia a regular part of their mobile routine and contributes to enhancing overall engagement with your brand.

How to Install the Hepsia App?

Installing the Hepsia PWA-based app is a straightforward process when using PWA-compatible browsers like Chrome, Edge, or Brave on popular operating systems.

Please note that you need to log into your Hepsia dashboard before proceeding with the installation.

Here are instructions for installing the Hepsia app on Windows, macOS, and Android using Chrome.

Installing Hepsia App via Chrome on Windows:

If you're a Chrome user on Windows, you have a couple of quick installation options:

  • 1. Click on the "Install Hepsia" button located on the right side of the address bar, resembling a monitor with a download arrow sign.
  • 2. Alternatively, you can click on the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" menu in the upper right corner of the browser, then select "Install Hepsia."

Both actions will trigger a browser popup window asking for confirmation. Once confirmed, you'll be directed to the app-like version of the Control Panel, free from browser elements and borders.

The Hepsia app is now installed on your desktop and can be accessed from the Start menu icon or desktop shortcut.

Installing Hepsia App via Chrome on Android:

On Android devices, the installation process is even more straightforward:

  • 1. Tap on the "Install app" option in the main Chrome menu.

Once selected, the app icon will be added to your home screen.

Installing Hepsia App via Chrome on macOS:

Installing the Hepsia PWA app via Chrome on macOS follows a similar process to Windows.

After installation, the new app will start automatically and will appear in the Dock and Launchpad. However, it won't be searchable via Spotlight, and it won't be found in the main Applications folder.

Installing the Hepsia PWA in Different Browsers and Operating Systems

  • Mac users can't install Hepsia through Safari on their desktop due to Safari's lack of PWA support. However, iOS and iPadOS users can install the Hepsia PWA app in Safari.
  • Firefox and Opera browsers, whether on desktop or mobile platforms, currently do not support PWA and cannot be used for Hepsia app installation.
  • On Linux, the process of installing the Hepsia app in Chrome, Edge, and Brave web browsers is as straightforward as on Windows. You'll find the same "Install app" button or option in the toolbar or main menu, allowing you to install the app with a simple click.