The recently launched Live Chat is currently active and operational

October 21, 2011
Starting this week, we have implemented brand new software to handle all Live Chat requests.

You can try it out on our website or at any store participating in the Reseller Hosting Program. This new Live Chat client brings several improvements.

Firstly, the Operator client is significantly more stable than the previous one we used. This means fewer instances of customers being disconnected due to technical issues on our end. Additionally, the customer will experience a cleaner and more modern interface.

Furthermore, the new software enables us to track visitors more effectively. We can now identify the exact page each visitor came from and the time they spent there before initiating a chat with us. These valuable statistics will help us optimize our templates and provide insights for future improvements.

Let's not overlook the enhanced functions of the Live Chat. Visitors will now have the ability to send files, enable or disable sound alerts for new messages, and even rate the sales representative they are chatting with.

For members of the reseller hosting program who were using the previous Live Chat plugin on their custom websites, they can reach out to us for instructions on how to switch to the new and improved version.