Resource consumption alerts, now activated upon logging into the Control Panel

September 29, 2017
Effective website management relies on vigilant monitoring of resource usage.

The ability to monitor the utilization and availability of server resources empowers you to strategically anticipate your future website requirements.

Utilizing the Account Usage sidebar within the Hepsia Control Panel, you can readily observe the existing resource consumption levels.

Additionally, the Control Panel now proactively notifies you about the utilization levels of crucial resources like backup space and database storage space every time you log in, particularly when you approach or exceed the designated quota limits.

What is the purpose of the new resource usage alerts?

Viewing websites as dynamic entities, it's crucial to provide them with an environment conducive to growth and sustenance.

With the Account Usage sidebar, you gain the ability to monitor the resources and functionalities that nourish your web presence, ensuring it remains vibrant and active.

This encompasses aspects like backup space, disk storage, mail storage, and storage for MySQL/PgSQL databases, among others.

However, failure to stay informed about the resource consumption metrics presented in the sidebar could lead to missing performance notifications, resulting in unforeseen service disruptions.

To heighten user awareness of these alerts, we've introduced popup messages that emerge when users with resource-intensive demands log into their Control Panel.

Here are the key scenarios where immediate user action is required:

  • 1. Exceeding backup storage space quota: When the allocated backup space is fully utilized, users can't store additional data on backup servers.
  • 2. Exceeding disk storage space quota: Depleted disk space hinders site performance and growth.
  • 3. Exceeding maximum MySQL/PgSQL databases: Users hitting the maximum allowed database count can't initiate new database-driven projects.
  • 4. Exceeding MySQL/PgSQL database storage space: The inability to store more data in existing databases prevents content addition to sites and projects.
  • 5. Exceeding mail storage space quota: Exhausting available mail storage leads to an inability to receive further emails.

Upon viewing an alert, users have two choices:

  • 1. Click "Remind me later" to temporarily conceal the notification for 30 days.
  • 2. Click "Hide notification" to eliminate the notification from future logins.

Resolution involves actions such as removing redundant databases or freeing up backup space.

If resources were intentionally exceeded, users can upgrade by ordering the relevant service through the "Add or upgrade services" option located in the Control Panel's upper-right corner.hepsia control panel