There is a new statistics widget accessible in the Hepsia Control Panel

August 22, 2011
Upon logging into the Web Hosting Control Panel, a new Stats widget created by our lead developer will be visible on the index page.

This widget allows customers to easily view essential website statistics such as the number of visitors and their origin directly from the home page.

Although these statistics are already accessible in the Webalizer stats tool provided, having them on the home page offers a more user-friendly experience.

What does the new Stats widget entail?

Here is additional information regarding the new stats tool and its functionality.

To prevent excessive server load, the stats are not collected automatically; they begin generating once a user logs into the Control Panel. However, this does not apply to certain stats located in the General tab, as they will still be collected regardless of whether a user is logged in or not.

Only the information in the General tab will be available for a continuous 24-hour period, and the rest of the stats will be reset within an hour after the user logs out of the Control Panel session.

While a user is logged into the Control Panel, the stats on the home page will refresh automatically based on the Internet connection.

Which are the primary measurements presented in the Stats widget?

The following is additional information regarding the specific details represented by the General stats:

Hostname: The name of the website

Hits: The overall number of requests directed to the server within a particular time frame. Each file is counted as a separate hit. Therefore, a single HTML page may result in multiple hits.

Pages: URLs that are considered the actual page requested, excluding individual components like graphics or audio clips. This is sometimes referred to as page views or page impressions and defaults to URLs with .htm, .html, or .cgi extensions.

Traffic: The website's generated traffic measured in MB.

Visitors: The total number of daily visitors up to the current point.

Online: The number of visitors currently browsing the website.

Visitors Stats

IP: The IP address of a particular visitor. The icons display the visitor's browser agent and country. Clicking on the IP will show detailed IP information and a map, along with the pages the visitor viewed.

Time on Site: The duration that a specific visitor spent on your website.

Hits: The overall number of requests made by the visitor to the server during the specified timeframe.

Pages: The number of pages viewed by the visitor.

Traffic: The amount of traffic generated by the visitor, measured in MB.

Last visited page: The final page the visitor viewed before leaving your website.

Distribution by country Stats

This part of the tool shows a map that displays the geographical locations of your website visitors. It can be helpful if you have a specific target region in mind.

Search engine stats - This section of the stats widget displays information about search engines that have visited your website. It includes the name of your website and the search engine, as well as metrics such as the number of hits and the amount of traffic generated by the search engine. You can also see the last time the search engine visited your site and the number of visitors that have come to your website via this search engine.

The addition of the new Stats widget enhances the user experience of the Control Panel and serves as an attractive feature for promoting your web hosting services.