New PHP Settings Introduced in the Hepsia Control Panel

February 23, 2023
The PHP settings section within the Web Hosting Control Panel has been enhanced with valuable additions that cater to both site administrators and developers.

This update includes the inclusion of the following quick-access php.ini settings:

  • 1. Error_reporting: This setting instructs the PHP process regarding which types of errors to report. It's important to note that this setting applies to ALL hosts in your account that utilize the selected PHP version.
  • 2. Log_errors: By enabling this setting, a PHP error log will be initiated for all hosts in your account utilizing the chosen PHP version.
  • 3. Error_log: With this setting, you have the ability to specify the location of the log file. The log file is automatically generated, eliminating the need to select an existing file.

Please be aware that certain quick-access PHP settings may not be available for all PHP versions.

From the "Edit php.ini" tab, you can conveniently review and modify these settings as needed.

Notably, the PHP settings section underwent a complete reorganization and visual optimization some time ago, aimed at enhancing the user experience. In line with feedback from your customers, we will continue to improve this section by introducing additional features.