The Hepsia Control Panel is now accessible on mobile devices

September 11, 2015
As mobile browsing has become a daily routine for around a third of Internet users, developing a user-friendly account management interface tailored to phones has become an essential requirement.

Following months of extensive testing and interface refinement, we have introduced the mobile edition of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Starting now, mobile users will be automatically directed to the new, phone-optimized Hepsia interface.

What sets the new mobile Hepsia interface apart?

The original Hepsia Control Panel is rich in tools and features catering to both novice and advanced users.

To adapt this feature-packed interface for smaller phone screens, we had to omit approximately 30% of the available controls.

We carefully assessed all the functionalities within Hepsia's arsenal, retaining only those relevant to the mobile version.

Months of testing and adjustments were invested to establish the optimal feature set, ensuring that no useful control that could be effectively adapted for mobile use was left behind.

The result offers website owners essential site management controls presented in a lightweight, mobile-friendly format.

Mobile Hepsia Control Panel Overview

What are the key sections of the mobile Hepsia Control Panel? On the index page of Hepsia, users can swiftly access major sections through quick icons, including Domains, Emails, Files, FTP, Databases, Apps, Advanced, and Stats.

Here's a brief overview of each section:

Domains - Mobile Domain Manager Unlike the desktop version, where Registered Domains and Hosted Domains are distinct sections, here they are subsections of the Domains section.

Selecting the Registered tab displays all registered or transferred domain names.

Icons indicate registration status and expiration date.

To manage a domain, clicking it reveals applicable controls (Edit DNS settings, Edit Whois, Redirect domain, etc.).

Clicking the Plus icon at the top right allows quick single or multiple domain registration.

The streamlined domain registration wizard appears as follows.

The Hosted tab shows hosted domains along with DNS and SSL status icons.

To access hosted domain controls, click the red arrow.

The Edit host management panel for mobile appears as follows.

Adding a new hosted domain is simple - click the Plus icon.

The simplified Add host interface is displayed.

Emails - Mobile Email Manager

The mobile version of the Hepsia Control Panel's Email Manager offers familiar controls for creating new mailboxes, editing existing ones, setting up email filters, and configuring email forwarding.

Files - Mobile File Manager

Effective file management is crucial for website owners. Thus, most features from the regular File Manager are incorporated into the mobile Control Panel version, enabling tasks like uploading photos, file editing, folder copying, and website relocation.

Databases - Mobile Database Manager

Database management is vital, given that almost every website relies on databases. The mobile Control Panel version includes all controls from the regular Database Manager, ensuring full database control from any location.

FTP - Mobile FTP Manager

Similar to the desktop version, complete control over FTP accounts is offered, allowing seamless creation of new accounts as needed.


App installation remains swift, with no setup required. Specify installation location and admin credentials, and we handle app installation and database setup.

PHP Config

This section allows swift PHP version changes and quick adjustments to php.ini settings. More advanced options are planned for future updates.

Stats Real

Time website status can be monitored, including visitor count, source, and navigation details. Enhancements for the Stats section are forthcoming.

Navigation controls Users can easily move between sections using the Sandwich menu in the top left corner. This menu enables quick plan renewal, upgrades, and account management via the gear icon.

Slide Menu

Using the gear icon, users can edit account owner details or change passwords.

With the mobile Hepsia Control Panel, you're taking a significant step toward enhancing customer satisfaction. Mobile access to Control Panels empowers users to manage their sites with greater convenience, fostering a long-term sense of comfort with your web hosting services.

Note: The new Control Panel version is optimized exclusively for mobile phones. Currently, tablet users will be directed to the desktop version. A dedicated tablet version is in the pipeline. Stay tuned.