Seamless Integration of Cloudflare in the Hepsia Control Panel

June 22, 2022
Previously, managing a Cloudflare-managed domain with Hepsia meant handling all DNS and domain settings on the Cloudflare website.

However, this has changed with our new native Cloudflare integration in the Hepsia Panel.

Now, you can conveniently manage all DNS operations and popular domain settings from a single location.

Setting up a Domain with Cloudflare in the Hepsia Control Panel

To set up a domain with Cloudflare in the Hepsia Control Panel, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for a Cloudflare plan and update your NS servers to the ones provided by Cloudflare. This will allow Cloudflare to manage your domain's DNS.

2. Create a custom API token with specific permissions. You can do this by visiting the following URL: Ensure that the API token has the following permissions:

  • Zone -> Zone -> Edit
  • Zone -> Cache Purge -> Purge
  • Zone -> DNS -> Edit
  • Zone -> Zone Settings -> Edit
  • User -> User Details -> Read (Note: Enabling these permissions is essential for proper functionality.)

3. After obtaining your API token, access the Hepsia Control Panel. You will find the Cloudflare section in the Advanced menu.

4. Within the Cloudflare section, click on the Cloudflare icon. Enter the newly generated API token and click the "Enable full DNS zone" button.

5. You can now manage your Cloudflare domain directly through the Hepsia Control Panel.

6. If Cloudflare is enabled for a domain via the control panel, it will also be visible in the Hosted Domains section.

7. In addition to DNS controls, such as adding or modifying records, you will have quick access to popular Cloudflare Domain Settings, including options like Always Online, Caching level, Security Level, Minify, Rocket Loader, and more.

(Note: Any changes made directly through Cloudflare will also be reflected in the Hepsia Panel, as settings are synchronized.)