An email blacklist filtering choice has been introduced to the Email Manager

June 19, 2015
The concern over email security remains substantial, as spammers continually evolve their tactics to gain access to your inbox.

To enhance the resilience of our mail servers against the latest spamming methods, we have significantly upgraded our spam protection system.

Presently, all your email accounts are safeguarded by an advanced blacklist filtering technology. This technology employs the latest verification techniques for mail servers and draws from reputable sources of blacklist and greylist databases.

Additionally, both you and your customers have the option to activate or deactivate the mail blacklist filtering feature via the Web Hosting Control Panel.

How does the mail blacklist filtering function?

A blacklist, or DNSBL (DNS Blacklist), serves as a real-time anti-spam database, monitoring IP addresses that have been reported for engaging in spam activities.

Unlike typical anti-spam protection, which filters emails upon reaching your inbox, the mail blacklist filter prevents malicious emails from even reaching the recipient.

To determine if an email originates from a blacklisted IP address, we now utilize a comprehensive and reliable database encompassing various DNS-based blacklists, greylists, and supplementary spam lists. When an incoming email is received by the mail server, the sender's IP address is cross-referenced with the IPs listed in our database.

Should the sender's IP appear on any of the blacklists, the email from that source won't be delivered to your inbox. Thanks to this advanced real-time verification process, our mail server will decline the message, even blocking the initial network connection from the blacklisted address.

This approach makes it impossible for the blacklisted outgoing mail server to deliver the email to our mail server, ensuring that your inbox remains fully shielded from potentially harmful emails.

How to activate or deactivate the mail blacklist filtering feature?

Using the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can now effortlessly enable or disable the improved mail blacklist filtering functionality on our mail servers.

In the Email Manager, navigate to the Blacklists section and locate the mailbox for which you wish to adjust the blacklist filtering setting.

By default, the blacklist filtering feature is active for all email accounts. If you wish to deactivate it for a specific mailbox because you solely receive legitimate emails from trusted sources, simply click the green Blacklist icon.

If you later decide to reactivate the blacklist filtering feature, click the red Blacklist icon.

Our refined mail blacklist filtering system ensures heightened protection against inbound spam, providing you and your customers with yet another compelling reason to feel secure on our web hosting platform.