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If you were looking for a reliable partner in the web hosting services sphere, then you've come to the right place! If one had to pick just two words to describe our company, they would probably have to be Creativity and Innovation. No other company can say it has designed and developed a completely free reseller hosting program, which offers complete automation for one's web hosting business.

ICANN Accredited Registrar

Aside from the free reseller hosting program, LiquidNet Ltd. offers also a rich selection of shared, dedicated, semi-dedicated and VPS hosting services. What's more, we have recently become an ICANN accredited domain name registrar.
Accredited Registrar
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Reliable Hosting services

And because LiquidNet Ltd. strives to constantly improve the quality of its services, it does not intend to rest on its laurels and won't stop surprising the hosting and webmaster communities with newer and newer projects and renovations beneficial for them. Among them will be a unique server load balancing cluster technology, which we will soon introduce for the first time.

Unique Hosting Control Panel

Besides, unlike the majority of the companies in the business, which usually don't invest much in the development of new technologies relying instead on 3rd party solutions and software, our entire platform, web hosting control panels, website building tools, turn-key templates and application programming interface software allowing a complete customization of customers' websites, were created, developed and designed in-house by ourselves.
Web Hosting Control Panel