New Affiliate Banners for Resellers

August 18, 2010
We have recently updated the banners for our reseller affiliate program, creating over 20,000 new designs.

We are continuing to work on more banners and the number will increase. These new banners can be found on our website in the Affiliates section under the Banners tab. They come in different sizes and styles, some of them are animated.

We have also developed a new system for downloading the banners. The banners are organized by the type of service they pertain to (such as Shared Web Hosting Affiliates, Virtual Server Affiliates, Dedicated Server Affiliates, etc.).

You can also search for specific banners in the Affiliate Programs section. By using these banners and attracting new resellers, you can earn a 10% commission from each sale they make, increasing your profits.

The more affiliates you have, the more profit they will generate for you, especially with our new dedicated hosting offers that are billed on a monthly basis.