Social login functionality has been activated for both resellers and customers

September 4, 2014
The login interfaces of both the Web Hosting Control Panel and the Reseller Control Panel have been integrated with social media, allowing customers and resellers to access their accounts using their social media profiles from platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Yahoo!.

Furthermore, this social login feature is designed to function seamlessly across numerous web hosting and reseller hosting accounts concurrently. This means that regardless of the number of accounts you possess, you can log into all of them using your linked social media profiles.

This serves as a convenient single-login solution for individuals who are active on social media, particularly for those managing multiple hosting or reseller accounts. This eliminates the need to remember an abundance of usernames and passwords.

Instructions for accessing the Hepsia Control Panel

In order to utilize social profile-based logins, users must initially establish a connection between their hosting accounts and their social media profiles. This linking process can be completed within the Social Media Login section located in the upper right corner of the Control Panel's header bar.

The procedure involves selecting the specific social media platform by clicking on its corresponding icon to establish the connection with the desired account.

Following this, an icon will promptly appear to confirm the successful linking with the respective social media profile.

Subsequently, when a user accesses the Control Panel's login page, an array of social media buttons will be displayed, enabling instant entry through their linked social profiles.

For users with multiple hosting accounts, the same procedure can be repeated to link all of them to their social profiles. Subsequently, upon visiting the login page and selecting a social media icon, a list of their hosting accounts will be presented, granting them the choice to access a specific account as needed.

Furthermore, once logged in, users will be able to effortlessly switch between different hosting accounts without any disruption.