The 1-click Web Apps and Frameworks Installers have been refreshed with additional, trending installations

September 14, 2020
The Control Panel's value-added tools, the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer, have undergone significant updates.

Users can now access new, popular apps and frameworks in various categories while some older scripts with discontinued support have been removed from the installation list.

These one-click installation tools simplify the process of setting up web applications and frameworks, making it convenient for both beginners and advanced users to launch various projects online.

Our custom-built platform ensures flexibility and continuous improvement of these tools.

These tools have empowered thousands of users to quickly establish blogs, company profiles, community boards, family pages, and online shops.

Additionally, web app developers have benefited from the Frameworks Installer, launching new projects directly from the Control Panel.

What's new in the 1-click Web Apps Installer?

After analyzing the latest trends in open-source web applications, we have added several new, popular scripts to the 1-click Installer:

  • 1. Mautic: A marketing automation platform that offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing effective marketing campaigns.
  • 2. Maian Cart: An e-commerce software with a focus on simplicity, providing features like multiple payment gateways, shipping modules, and more.
  • 3. Abante Cart: A flexible e-commerce and shopping cart application that can integrate with existing websites and offers responsive design and SEO optimization.
  • 4. phpCollab: A project management and collaboration system suitable for organizations, featuring task assignment, document management, discussions, and more.
  • 5. Live Helper Chat: An easy-to-integrate live support chat module with support for various messaging platforms and advanced features.
  • 6. Podcast Generator: A podcast publishing solution that simplifies the creation and distribution of podcasts.
  • 7. Open Real Estate: A platform for presenting real estate listings online, with integration options for existing websites and SEO optimization.
  • 8. Revive Adserver: An ad serving system for publishers, ad networks, and advertisers, offering campaign management and detailed statistics.
  • 9. Piwigo: A trusted photo gallery application for managing photos and media with support for multiple languages and features for professional photographers.
  • 10. SuiteCRM: A customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application designed to fit businesses of any size, offering various modules for customization.
  • 11. Form Tools: A web form creator and data management script that can be installed on existing websites, allowing users to tailor it to their project requirements.
  • 12. Church CRM: A data management system designed for small churches and religious organizations, offering features for congregation management.
  • 13. LuxCal: A web-based event calendar for individuals and small businesses to organize appointments and events with ease.

These additions provide users with a wide range of options to enhance their websites and projects.

Here are the new frameworks added to the Frameworks Installer:

  • 1. YII: A high-performance PHP framework known for its simplicity and evolutionary approach. YII focuses on speeding up the handling of complex pages and has features like Model-View-Controller (MVC) design, generation of complex WSDL service specifications, layered caching, and more.
  • 2. Laravel: Designed to make web app development easier and faster, Laravel offers built-in features, modular packaging, authentication system, object-relational mapping, a command-line interface (CLI), and automatic testing functionality. It has a short learning curve and a supportive community.
  • 3. Symfony: A PHP framework and set of reusable components for creating and maintaining web applications. Symfony streamlines operational tasks, provides customization control over configuration, and offers flexibility in directory structure and external libraries.

Additionally, to ensure security and maintain the latest trends, we have disabled support for certain scripts and frameworks in the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer. This decision was made because some open-source applications and frameworks were abandoned by their authors, leaving them vulnerable to security risks. As a result, we have ceased support for the following scripts and frameworks:

Scripts: b2evolution, Classifieds, Dolphin, fuzzylime (cms), Gallery3, HelpCenter Live, Imagin, Maian Events, MJguest, Movable Type, Nucleus, Open Ads, Open Realty, OS Commerce, phpCoin, phpFormGenerator, PHProjekt, PHPTickets, phpWebSite, Plogger, SugarCRM, WebCalendar, WebSiteBaker, Zazavi

Frameworks: Akelos, Prado, PHPDevShell, Zoop

We strive to keep our installation tools aligned with market trends and maintain the highest level of security for your customers.