Additional Hepsia Enhancements: Simplified Acquisition of Dedicated IPs and SSLs

March 20, 2015
Recently, a significant visual enhancement was made to the Upgrades table within the Web Hosting Control Panel.

The primary objective behind this improvement is to ensure that your customers remain well-informed about their real-time resource utilization and to facilitate their easy upgrading of services that are running low.

Taking this enhancement further, we've introduced a more user-friendly approach to accessing upgrade services by prominently featuring two key advanced add-ons: dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates.

Accessible Dedicated IP Addresses Section

Previously, the Dedicated IP Addresses section in the Web Hosting Control Panel was visible only to customers who either had a dedicated IP included in their package or had acquired one through the Upgrades section.

We've expanded access to the Dedicated IP Addresses section for all users, regardless of whether they currently possess a dedicated IP address or not. If a user lacks a dedicated IP, they will see an 'Order Dedicated IP' button in the top right corner, enabling them to promptly purchase a unique IP address.

For users who already have a dedicated IP, they will continue to see the 'Request IP Address' button, as has been the case.

Easier Dedicated IP Procurement via Hosted Domains

In addition to the Dedicated IP Addresses section, users can now also order or request a new dedicated IP address while adding or editing a host within the Hosted Domains section.

This functionality is accessible through the 'Add Host' and 'Edit Host' dialogue boxes, accessible via the top right action button and the Gear icon in the hosted domains table, respectively. Within the Dedicated IP Addresses drop-down menu, users will find an 'Order or Request IP Address' link.

SSL Certificates Simplified Access via Domain Manager

Similar to dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates can now be conveniently requested or ordered within the 'Add Host' and 'Edit Host' dialogue boxes.

Within the SSL Certificates drop-down menu, alongside the 'Request SSL' and 'Use Generic SSL' options, users will now see a 'Get an SSL Certificate' link. This feature allows users to initiate an SSL request in a new window, then seamlessly return to the Add/Edit Host window to complete the operation.

These enhancements reflect our continuous effort to make the Control Panel more intuitive and responsive to the evolving demands of users. Stay tuned for more updates in this direction.