An up-to-date data facility in the United States designed specifically for hosting shared web accounts

September 2, 2011
Starting from the previous week, we have introduced a fresh US data center alternative for our shared web hosting clients – Steadfast in Chicago, Illinois.

This data center is also utilized for all our new dedicated servers. If you wish to take a glimpse of their facility, you can find images on their Facebook page and in this Flickr set.

While we are incorporating the new data center, we will continue to operate our existing servers in our previous data center – Peer 1 in California. It's important to note that customers will not be transferred from the old data center to the new one.

What led to the decision to change data centers?

What prompted the data center switch was a seemingly minor issue – our former California data center was facing a shortage of rack space, rendering it incapable of accommodating additional servers.

As our customer base continued to expand, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) embarked on a quest to find a suitable replacement data center. While we did receive an offer from Peer 1 to relocate to another one of their data center facilities, also situated in California, a lengthy meeting concluded that the new data center should be situated in a region with a lower risk of natural disasters.

After a month of thorough research into various data centers, the final decision was made – Steadfast in Chicago.

What was the reason behind our selection of Steadfast?

When considering a data center, there are several factors to take into account – strong connectivity to the global network, a reliable data center support team, and a highly secure facility.

Steadfast provided an all-inclusive package, boasting exceptional connectivity through various major Internet backbone providers and an extensive peering network. Their support services were top-notch, and their facility was extremely secure. This new shared web hosting data center in Chicago, Illinois has proven to be an outstanding choice.

For more details about the data center, you can visit our dedicated US data center page. We have been collaborating with Steadfast for several months now, initially setting up test servers and eventually transferring all new dedicated servers to their premises. Our experience with them has been exceptional, and we have full confidence that future shared web hosting customers will also relish their outstanding services.