A new form for placing orders remotely is now accessible

April 21, 2011
Now that we have launched the new remote domain search form, it is time for the new remote order form to be introduced to your web hosting stores.

What are the changes made to the order form?

The order form has undergone a redesign and now has the ability to display various web hosting offers such as domain names, VPSs, dedicated servers, shared web hosting plans and semi-dedicated servers in tabs.

Unlike the previous version, this new form can be integrated into a website without using an iframe and can be added to a site with a PHP file and a single line in the .htaccess file.

Despite these changes, there have been no significant updates to the functionality of the form.

The new order form is currently utilized in the Hepsia Control Panel and if there are no issues with it, it will also be incorporated into the new front-store reseller templates that are being developed.